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Public Speaking

Romeo Dallaire's presentations discuss leadership and conflict resolution, illustrated with stories of his own experiences. He inspires listeners to address the ethical and moral issues in conflicts and insists that governments put humanity above political and economic interests.

Client Testimonial

"Through all your trials and sorrows, you have come to exemplify the greatest ideals to which we can aspire. You move us to come together and express our common humanity...you have made us all more human, more feeling, more emotionally attached to people and situations half a world away. We know one thing - you will not quit - and this in itself is a reason for all of us to remain hopeful, to keep looking for reasons for optimism."

Former Governor General Adrienne Clarkson


Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Hero, Diversity, Best-selling author, International Affairs

Canada's Leading Role in World Affairs Dallaire's Story of Courage and Conviction

The New Leadership - A Humanistic Approach
Competitive edge and personal fulfillment will be yours if you put your team members and your fellow man - their skills, their continuous development and their quality of life - at the forefront.

Teamwork and 'don de soi' - The Gift of Oneself

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