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Info for Companies

Corporate partners make a crucial contribution to our work and their involvement is invaluable to us. Beyond making generous donations there are many ways in which you and your company can help us. We have made some suggestions below of ways in which you can help us, however we are also open to discussing your ideas and encourage you to get in contact with us so that we can discuss the possibilities further contact@romeodallaire.com.

Possible ways of helping the General and his causes:

Roméo Dallaire Foundation:

* Donations, sponsorships, or payroll
* giving.

* Engaging the General to
* talk at your company with all fees
* going to the General's causes.

Child Soldiers Initiative:

* Donations, sponsorships, or payroll
* giving.

* Airfares - The Child Soldiers Initiative
* is to be deployed in the Democratic
* Republic of Congo (DRC); airfares to
* fly the team out to the DRC and within
* the DRC represent a large portion of
* the project costs. These missions are
* essential in allowing the CSI to meet
* project partners on the ground
* working with the Child Soldier issue on
* the ground), to secure solid
* relationships and networks and ensure
* a good overall supervision of the
* project.

* IT - Communications are an important
* aspect of the Child Soldiers Initiative;
* any in-kind contributions of laptops,
* software, help with long distance
* communications and radio equipment
* would prove an invaluable support to
* the CSI team who rely heavily on
* these tools to conduct a project in a
* country as large as Europe.

* Materials for children - Demobilization
* and reintegration is crucial in helping
* the children involved in armed conflict
* regain their childhood and live a
* normal life. Teaching material, sports
* equipment and other related items are
* very useful in supporting partner
* organizations involved in this
* important demobilization and
* reintegration work.

To discuss how you and your company can contribute to causes listed above, to find out about sponsorship or payroll giving or to discuss other ways in which you would like to help please contact us at contact@romeodallaire.com.