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General Roméo Dallaire Foundation

Foundation in Rwanda

The General Roméo Dallaire Foundation finances specific projects for children of Rwanda affected by the civil war and genocide in 1994.

With the intervention of NGOs and the religious orders in place, the Foundation provides funds for the supply of didactic material, for the building of schools and orphanages, as well as to support the daily operations.

The children of Rwanda of which nearly 500,000 were orphaned by the 1994 Genocide need special protection to promote their physical, intellectual, mental, spiritual, moral, and social development. Your donation is of great importance.

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Foundation in Canada

The General Roméo Dallaire Foundation in Canada is a charitable organization designed to permit less privileged young people to enjoy the enriching experience of a Canadian summer holiday camp.

As a country's future rests with the values and potential of its youth, optimism and encouragement to excel must be inculcated at a young age. Young people need to learn to respect life and nature. They must also prepare to accept the responsibilities that come with being citizens of a young country with highly developed standards so that they can fully appreciate the opportunities of their citizenship.

Subsidies enable the children to experience the outdoors in Canada's Laurentian Mountains while absorbing fundamental Canadian values. The essential aim of the Foundation is to provide these young people with a break from their sometimes difficult settings while exposing them to new horizons encouraging personal growth.

Each year the summer activities and the size of the operation increase in an attempt to meet the demand. Your very generous contributions greatly help in achieving our aim.

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