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Child Soldiers Initiative

There are two words that should never go together: "child" and "soldier". Yet, it is estimated that over 300,000 children are currently present and involved in armed forces or militias around the world.

The Child Soldiers Initiative is working towards the prevention of use of children as soldiers and with your help can continue to make a difference.

The overarching goal of this Child Soldiers initiative is to develop an integrated set of tools that can be used to prevent the recruitment of children into armed groups. Specific objectives include:

* To identify and engage the key players in the
* field in a dialogue process;
* To get institutional buy-in from major actors in
* the field to a process of jointly developing
* creative approaches to prevent the use of child
* soldiers, addressing both the security and
* humanitarian dimensions of the problem;
* To identify the various types of approaches that
* are being used and come to a shared
* understanding of their respective limitations and
* potential;
* To identify opportunities for new approaches
* and multi-party, collaborative efforts to prevent
* of the use of children as soldiers;
* To identify a process that would lead to real
* solutions on the ground.

This initiative will have several significant results. First, it will stimulate a shift in thinking among those who are most involved in addressing children's issues and those responsible for security matters in zones of conflict so that they have a sense of each other's perspective. Second, there will be increased capacity for collaboration among relevant parties who address child soldier and security issues separately. Third, there will be a new set of tools available for all actors to implement aimed at preventing the recruitment of children to serve as soldiers and to deal more effectively with existing cases of child recruitment.

Significant financial resources are required to field trial the tools that have been developed to eliminate the use of children as soldiers thus donations would be greatly appreciated.

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